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More than massage: Aston-Patterning® and Therapeutic Bodywork

What to expect from a session at Your Balanced Being:

Bodywork sessions at Your Balanced Being are a unique experience, differing in many ways from conventional massage therapy. All sessions are uniquely tailored to each client and each visit. There is no set routine employed as each of us are different and our body’s are constantly changing. This asymmetrical, non-linear approach provides the client and practitioner unrestricted access to finding and creating substantial changes in the way your body looks and feels.

Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs by blending hands-on bodywork with movement education and energy work. All sessions are conducted with the client clothed in comfortable exercise shorts and a T-shirt (T-shirt, tank top or sports bra for women). This facilitates easy transition from table/hands-on work to standing, seated and movement work.

Each session begins with review and discussion of your “health and well-being” form and your current areas of interest (areas of tension, pain, desired change). We continue the investigation of your interest area through a visual assessment in standing to gain an understanding of your alignment pattern and its’ influence on these specific areas. We may take photographs of this alignment pattern before and after the session or sessions to use for a strong visual tool and comparison of the changes achieved. The next step is to use a hands-on assessment of muscle tone throughout the entire body while you stand or are laying on the massage table. This will provide more information on areas/regions of too much or too little muscle tone and their connection to the overall pattern of alignment or holding in your body. While laying on the massage table various towels and pillows are used to bolster and support your body in its natural and comfortable position.

At this point a combination of hands-on bodywork and movement work are applied to address the regions of interest found during the investigation, releasing the holding pattern(s) and allowing for new more balanced patterns to be learned. All hands-on work is applied utilizing the Aston techniques of non-compressive three-dimensional touch to accurately assess and release functional and structural holding. At various points throughout the session you will be asked to come back to standing for further visual assessment of changes and to “feel” with a more attuned sense of self the changes occurring. You will be shown ways to stretch or move differently to support your new pattern, continue self improvement and decrease the chance that your old pattern or discomfort will return.

We are excited to work with you and welcome you to Your Balanced Being!

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