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Welcome to Your Balanced Being!

Your Balanced Being offers one-of-a-kind bodywork to accurately assess and change what is happening with your body and being. I invite you to experience the truly transformative power of this painless hands-on tissue work and movement re-education.

Sessions at Your Balanced Being are more than massage. I like to call this work “Therapeutic Bodywork,” for this work is truly related to the healing of Dis-Ease while having a positive effect on the entire body and mind. We dive into what is currently “up” with you and go beyond that to determine what long term patterns of living, moving, alignment, emotions and energy are still controlling your overall being.

Through accurate soft tissue and painless “deep tissue” manipulation and supporting movement coaching you will feel great, move with ease and improve your wellbeing!

All clients are recognized as unique individuals with their own complex set of needs, history, abilities and desires. Each private session is completely focused on you and your area of interest—from specific pain to the desire to simply feel better. Everything you feel is valid and listened to. In fact, listening is a main component of this work. I take the time to listen to what brought you to see me. Then I listen with my eyes, hands and ears to assess where you currently are and how you are changing throughout the session(s). I always listen with my inner spirit and allow my intuition to guide me as I connect with you and the great energies that surround and animate us all.

This comprehensive approach to bodywork is suitable for people of all ages, who have anything from minor daily aches and pains to chronic pain from accidents or repetitive use injury, or for those who just want to become more balanced in their being.

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Balance Me!

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